Date Like A Diva is a powerful video coaching program for single women who are ready to show the door to their insecurities, and show up as high quality women in the world of dating, ready to be pursued and courted by quality men. 

With over 5 hours of recorded video content, I, dating and relationship expert Sami Wunder, will EMPOWER you in this program with the exact mindset and the FEMININE energy techniques that got me the relationship of my dreams and a ring on my finger.

I want you to take a moment right now and be honest with yourself: 

  • Do you feel tired of constantly going on first dates, making useless small talk and never making it to the 2nd or 3rd date with a quality man?

  • Do you secretly dread dating because you´re afraid of being disappointed again?

  • Do men appear confusing, selfish and unpredictable to you in relationships?

  • Do you attract trashy men, old men, unavailable men but never the ones you´d like to attract?

  • Do you feel like no matter what you do, you just don´t seem to "get it right" with men?

If you said YES to any of those questions, I want you to know, that I get how you feel because I´ve been there myself. 

Just a few years back, I was the queen of attracting men and losing them quickly. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn´t get a quality man to commit to me for anything that lasted longer than a month. In fact, I had reached a stage where I was about to give up on dating all together because it felt so exhausting, painful and confusing. 

Well, thank god, I didn´t just give up then. 

Thank god, that instead of giving up and complaining, I decided to learn why dating wasn´t working out for me, where I was going wrong and what was it that some women understood about men and relationships that I clearly did not. 

And, today, here I am, blissfully married to my 6 ft 2 inches tall German husband, with our little baby who completes the picture perfectly. 

In 'DATE LIKE A DIVA', at a small price of just 97 Euros, I am going to show you how I did it, so that YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Through the 5 hours of recorded video trainings, I will be sharing the SECRETS that helped me go from feeling insecure to feeling like a diva on my dates, and getting quality men to woo me. 

I will show you how the process of commitment looks very different for a man than it looks for you as a woman and how knowing that will make the biggest difference to your love life

Confused By Men Who Come Strong At The Beginning Only To Disppear?

Let´s face it. When a man we like, comes strong at the beginning, it feels like all our dreams are about to come true. He does and says all the right things, starts to treat us as his girlfriend, and we get attached. 

The pain, of course, is unbearable when all of a sudden he fizzles out, tells us he´s not ready for something serious or outright disappears on us. 

What are we missing here? How can he say all those nice things one moment and then disppear the next? 

Very confusing, right? 

Well, it won´t be when you understand this one thing about men- 

In order for a man to commit to you in a deep, emotional, long term way, he has to go through a very specific experience of "FALLING IN LOVE" with you. 

The process of "falling in love" requires him to:

1) See You As Wife Material And Not Just Overnight Material

Believe it or not, when a man meets you, within the first few dates he is trying to assess whether you are "one of many" or "his one and only". In more direct words, whether you are "overnight material" or "wife material."

This means that the behaviours that you display during the early dating phase are highly critical in deciding whether a man will fall in love with you or not. 

While this may feel hard to digest at first, it is actually empowering when you can use this information to get more positive results in dating. 

Imagine this --> Just by tweaking your current dating behaviours, you can directly influence how men "perceive you," get more quality men to court you and actually have a real chance at love. 

Now in order to be seen as "wife material" (and not overnight material) a woman can display some very specific high value behaviours. 

In 'DATE LIKE A DIVA', video training 1, I will be giving you the 10 specific behaviours that are guaranteed to trigger his long term commitment for you. 

Yes, I just said that, GUARANTEED!

2) Feel An Emotional, Gut Level, Connection With You 

We women think that men fall in love with us because we´re witty, cool, sexy or successful. Nothing could be further away from the truth. 

I was all of those things and yet I was having such a hard time at dating. If you´re in the same boat, you too will confirm this. 

We also think that if we are "nice to him," cook him dinners and bring him gifts, he will fall in love with us. This is yet another piece of wrong information that kept me and probably is also keeping you struggling in dating. 

In video training 2 of 'DATE LIKE A DIVA', I will show you exactly how to inspire this deep level of emotional commitment from a man so that you differentiate yourself in his mind even in a room full of the most beautiful women. 

You will also learn in video training 2: 

  • How to have handle "sex" in the early dating phase.
  • How to not confuse sex with love. 
  • How to handle tricky conversations around sex with men. 
  • How having boundaries makes you attractive in dating. 
  • How to have and implement strong boundaries with men.

Video Training 3: Will Revolutionize The Way You Date  

I will teach you the art of rotational dating, a powerful way of dating like a diva and being seen by men as the exquisite creature that you are.  

When you start practising this art of powerful, feminine, dating, your diva vibration will shoot through the roof. 

  • Your trust in yourself will return. 
  • You will feel confident and beautiful from the inside-out because you will have so many men chasing you for your time and attention. 
  • You will learn how to not take men so seriously in dating. 
  • You will not get invested in a man too quickly. 
  • You will not waste months with a man who doesn´t have a plan for you
  • You will feel powerful in dating again because you will see that you have choice when it comes to men. 


It's one thing to listen to these amazing new dating skills. 

It's a whole another thing to implement them in your dating life. 

My thoroughly planned out WORKHEETS for you, will invite you to reflect more deeply into your dating behaviours and help embed and integrate the learnings in the most powerful way. 

The ACTION STEPS that you need to take at the end of each video training will ensure that you practically implementing and learning the skills and knowledge you acquire from this program.  

Sounds like a diva treat for just 97 euros?

It sure is. 

As a Woman, You Already ARE a Diva.

 Its time to uncover THE POWER that rests within you. 


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